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At The Request Of Jeeperman


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Here are the two marbles you wanted better pics of. Let me know if they are sufficient for you.


As I said, I had several people take a look at these two and confirm that they were both Christiansens (I'm pretty sure CAC, but it may have been MFC). The two guys who ran the South Jersey Marble Collectors group (the late Vincent Diangelo, and the other whose name escapes me) strike me as particularly reliable, among others of unknown reliability.

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I still feel a little uneasy about that, since several people seemed uncertain. But I would also trust your judgement. Uhhhg, so confusing.

How much would you say the marbles are worth? I was offered a surprisingly large sum of money for them, and I'm wondering if I should taken it (not that I would have, since I love them both).

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