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Pencil Holder, With Agate


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Couple more pix from the listing. Looks a little worn but looks fairly whole to me. Seller said it's functional.

Yeah... carpenter's pencil, that's probably what I was trying to picture. I knew I had seen a flat pencil before but didn't remember where.



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I have several of these. The missing piece of metal either has a slit in it and the entire thing is used as a bookmark, or it is flat and used as a letter opener. There are some Victorian paper creasers as well that are flat, but this handle here looks to small to accept one. The buttonhooks have a a piece which has a cross-section that is round. The pictured item here takes a flat piece of metal. It is probably English and from the very early 1900s, older ones tend to be silver, brass or silverplate. Hansel has a bunch as well. There are a bunch of images of these in the book on Victorian Agate Collectibles I am just finishing up, but it won't be published for about a year. Here's an image I have laying around of 3 of them.


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