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My Favorite Marble!!!!!!!!


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It was the most painful marble purchase ever. It took about 8 hours of anguish as the seller picked the 10 best of the 7/8" exotic onions on my solitaire board and then trying to value them and then switching a couple out that I couldn't part with and starting all over. I very seldom trade anything I put in the collection but $$ weren't the primary currency for this deal. Basically was exhausted and euphoric when got done. I'll get some more small onions to fill the board. Don't know if I'll ever see another one like this. Bill

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Man, unique marbles like this is about as good as anybody could ask for from a handmade. Thanks for the pics, it may have been some tough bargaining, and from the sounds of things there's still some nice 7/8 exotic onions floating around too! It's encouraging to see that examples like this exist. Awesome.

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