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Indiana Marble Club Show 2011


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Hello everyone, here are a few (quite a few actually) pictures and some commentary of the 2011 Indiana Marble Club Show. There were a lot of really nice people and marbles on hand which made for a terrific event! Beth Morris and Company did a great job as usual in putting the show together. I’ve posted more marble pictures in this pictorial than I usually do, if you would like to see higher resolution photos of anything please let me know and I’ll e-mail them to you. If you would like to contact any of the folks selling marbles e-mail me and I’ll get you their contact info.

1 Some little Street urchins arrive at…

2 The Indiana Marble Show…

3 Where they come across “Some Lady” and club President Beth Morris.

4 Greg Morris keeping an eye on things


4 George Sourlis, Jake & Rick hanging out.

5 George Sourlis makes some really cool posters, these posters show marble boxes and

Timelines of when they were manufactured. If anyone is interested George sells these at very reasonable prices.

6 More posters.

7 One more poster picture.


9 Marble nut Lonnie Conyers, caught here sleepwalking around the hotel lobby.

10 Lonnie after he woke up, looks kind of grumpy. Thanks again Lonnie for the Kokomo’s.

11 Another marble nut, Bud Shute. He usually keeps a better eye on Lonnie but he dropped the ball on this one.

12 A couple of marble collectors checking out Bob Murphy’s marbles.


13 Bull Shooter extraordinaire, Art Jones seen here surfing the net in the hotel lobby.

14 Arts ribbon proving that he is the best Bull Shooter around. Art told me that 1968 was when he peaked but I can testify that he is still a remarkable Bull Shooter.

15 Ron Yutzy and a big necklace made from marbles. Ron’s a really nice fellow, the pictures that I took of his marbles unfortunately didn’t turn out very well.

16 Bill Tite checking out some of Ron’s marbles


17 Mike Adams with “Some Lady”. Mike had some really nice marbles that ranged from affordable to very nice.

18 Mikes Marbles

19 More Marbles

20 and you guessed it, more marbles.


21 Pete and RePete (sometimes known as Chuck and Ron).

22 Pete’s better half, Diane.

23 Kids playing with some marbles that Pete’s better half gave them.

24 “Some Lady” and Eddie Winningham. Eddie is a great guy who is probably going to catch a beating if his wonderful wife or George Sourlis catch him hanging this tight with “Some Lady”.


25 A picture of Chuck and Diane at their table.

26 – 28 Pictures of some of their marbles. In picture 27 you can see a real nice Kokomo, every time I go to a show and see that marble I get excited to see it for sale but when I pick it up the tag underneath says NFS. HERE is a picture of its cousin.


29 – 32 Some more pictures of Chuck & Diane’s marbles.


33 Bill Bass, Bill always has a great selection of marbles.

34 – 36 For some reason I took a boatload of pictures of his marbles so here they are.


37 – 40 Some more of Bill’s marbles.


41 – 44 and some more


45 – 48 and one last shot.


49 Danny Grocki, Dan always has something interesting. I always enjoy seeing him at the shows, he is a very nice fellow.

50 A large group of Alley Agates that were dug at Sistersville.

51 Better picture of the Sistersville Alley’s.

52 Some of Dans’ handmades.


53 Cliff Thomas of 2000 Degrees Plus, Cliff makes some really nice contemporaries.

54 – 56 Some of Cliff’s marbles.


57-60 Some more of Cliff’s marbles.


61-64 Dale DeHart and some of his marbles. There is a neat article HERE about a couple of handmades that he owns, the article was written by Mike Adams.


65-68 These two gentlemen Chris McGuire on the left and David Morse came all the way from Arkansas to display their marbles. As you can see they had a pretty large selection.


69-72 Here are some more pictures of Chris and David’s marbles.


Thanks to all who made it to the end and thanks to the Indiana Marble Club and the marble collectors that set up booths at the show.

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Thanks all for the nice comments.

Ron, when I was a kid I had an uncle and he would say to me "Pete and RePete sitting on a log Pete fell off and who was left?". Of course I'd say RePete and he would repeat it. Sad to say but I was in my early forties before I figured out what was going on :)

Thanks again, Joe.

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