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Any News Or Pictures From Canton


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I was lucky enough to make it to the show and I found it to be very busy and I had probably the second or third best show ever for selling.

Traffic was steady right through the week and my machine mades were getting the most attention.

Sold a few high end hand mades also.

The show itself was very well run and attended.

Picked up a few mibs but was most exited about the yellow popeye box I brought home.



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I was too busy to take any pictures, so many marbles and so little time!

It was a fun time and no complaints from anyone that I know of.

The Hotel gets an A+ from me, perfect place for a marble show.

Something over 60 rooms by friday. Some arriving as early as Monday!

Mostly enjoyed going out to eat and talk marbles with some good friends.

The summer show is August 13th and should be an awesome turnout.

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