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Grouper Marbles?

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Definate Grooper bag. I think that i know the marbles. Grooper packaged many of the WV swirl companies marbles. Looks like the header may be split. These headers were weak and with the age,many Grooper mesh bag headers are split. If not split,many end up split during shipping. I have had them split in shipment,sellers do not realize how fragile the header is or how to pack them for shipment. I received a Grooper bag a year or so ago,from this auctioneer. The header was fine in the auction,but split and pieces broke off,when it reached me. The same with a mesh bubby bag,and the bag had a hole in it.

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Al,your bag contains Heatons. Like the marbles in the one in the Morphy auction. I would have liked to seen the mesh bag and handmades in different lots. I might have bid,but not together with handmades. Together,this may hold some bids back,either mesh bag or handmade collectors.

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