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Master Cloudys


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Anyone have any pix of Master Cloudys they would care to share? By Cloudy I mean the single colored translucent version. Not the patch which is sometimes called a Cloudy.


I had a bunch at one time. Got them in a 1933 cigar box. The cigar box came from the Chicago world's fair and I bet the marbles did too. But I sold most or all of them before I knew what I had. I think I might have kept a few but I'm not sure were I put them. They either don't seem easy to come by, or maybe others don't recognize what they have.

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I have these is white, green, red, lavender. You often find them in Century of Progress boxes. Once you see them, you understand that the colors are unique.

I bought a bunch in Brimfield in May for next to nothing. I rarely put them up for sale because I feel that the market has not recognized their true value.

I have white one up on eBay right now, #180673342560, but the images dont accurately represent the semi-opaqueness of hem

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I believe the ones on the right side of the box are Meteors. Here's the whole list of styles from a 1933 flyer:


The flyer that came from:

MasterFlyer1a-1.jpg . . MasterFlyer1b-1.jpg

Those "thumbnails" aren't working now, so click here for the larger versions:



edit: look at the No. 2000 De Luxe assortment here. http://i119.photobuc...sterFlyer2a.jpg . It calls the bottom row of patches Meteors.

(Might need to double click to get full size. p.s. a larger scan is available)

p.p.s. Here's a larger version of the No. 2000 description. http://i119.photobuc...er2a_No2000.jpg

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