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Most Expensive Marble Ever?

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thats a lot of money for one marble :)

$27,730.00 USD

Description: Extra Large Divided Core Swirl Marble.

Description Beautiful divided core swirl in bright orange, white, black, and green aventurine core with outer bands of alternating white and orange. This is believed to be the largest vintage marble known to exist and one of the rarest marbles Morphy's has sold at auction. A few as-made surface marks.

Condition (9.7). Size 3 - 1/16" Dia.

Estimate: 8,000.00 - 12,000.00


I thought some of the sulphides went pretty cheap. I didnt realize that auction was held the same weekend as the canton show, that's kinda odd...

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Danny Turner "RUNNING RABBIT sold that marble about 10 years ago for $3250. It seemed foolish to have the auction on the same day as the show. I was at the show and phone bid to little success. A 2"+ black clam 8.8 condition brought $5500 + buyers commision sure like mine a lot better. So as usual the good stuff sells. Bill

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Anything that big (three inches???) ain't no marble. It's an orb. Or a sphere, or something . . .

But that's just me, who won't buy anything over 1 1/8, 'cause anything bigger just ain't a . . .

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