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Do You Practice Shooting Marbles? What Do You Use?


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I practice shooting marbles. I use cat's eyes and Jabos. It was really hard for me to settle on a set I was willing to ding up but I finally bit the bullet. :rolleye-842:

I'm horrible at shooting but I don't give up. If I'm ever near another mibster and can talk them into a game, I'll be an easy mark but hopefully not too embarrassed. :rolleyes:

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I use agate shooters or flint depending on that surface i'm playing on. for concrete I like to use a rough dense weighted flint. When on a wood surface I use a lighter type of agate I had made from some south african agate stone. When I play in dirt I use a larger smoother flint, and when I play in sand I use the same as I use for the concrete

I'm always up for a game... maybe we can put a few mibs on the line and play for keeps... using other marbles than our good keepers of course.

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