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Unusual Marble King Bags? Anyone Have Others? Al?


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I was looking through old attachments and found this neat little advertising item George Sourlis sent me awhile back. It's definitely a Marble King company bag ... as opposed to the circa-1940 mesh bags which said Marble King on the label but were before the MK company was actually started.

Neat mixture in it.




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Unusual marbles in that bag but I have seen sometimes that they picture different marbles in the bag than are found in real life. Vitro did that also. Here is my bag with the similar header and some swirls - probably Alley but look a little different. Check out my next post if you want to see an odd MK bag.


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Love the made in Japan header!

I've seen at least one more MK bag which had some Japanese cats in it. But I don't think that one acknowledged the country of origin.

Between 1949 and whenever they started making their own Rainbows and Cat's Eyes who knows what all Marble King may have had to do to fill orders .....

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The 1955 post card would contain Peltier Marbles. Sellers Peltier was one of the men who bought Alley Agate Company. they were Berry Pink and Sellers H. Pettier, the son of Victor Peltier who founded Peltier Glass Co. of Ottawa, IL. Corporate papers were filed 24 June 1949 under the name Marble King, They sold Alley Agate, Peltier and their own Marbles.

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