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Does Anybody Please Have Some Marble Dislpay Cases?

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The rotating cabinets are just old Timex watch cabinets . I think there all gone as I have a few one I am redueing now and a small one I just did . takes a lot of time and good repair skills .Mike

No there not all gone but I get mine off of Craigs list . colse to Milwaukee ??? I would sell one . will put in the for sale area .

These cabinets were made not to be taken apark just throw out , all pop rivets I drill and retap for screws and what ever is needed







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Indian River display Co. Westerville OH 1-800-444-1280 . Has nice clear finished wood display cases of different outside deminsions and depths. They have them in woods of oak,cherry and walnut. They have super fast shipping and good service. www.indianriverdisplay.com . They also have the black collector frames or pin cases. With the white pad or with different size and numbers of squares, flocked insert dividers.

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