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Two Very Nice Solitare Boards


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Hello Marble friends,

I want to share some photos of two very nice solitaire boards.

The first one is a board with 33 mint English style swirls. There are orange, white, green, blue and light blue solid core swirls. And very rare, two pink solid cores! My friend and long time marble collector Jeroen van Valkenburg, has never seen this kind of pink solid core colour before, and he has seen a lot of marbles! This solitaire board has still the original box.

The second one is a board with 33 mint mist swirls. I looked at several sites, but could not find a mist solitaire board, so I think they are pretty rare.

I look forward to your reactions, what you think about these solitaire boards. What could the value be? Just those pink solid cores must have a good value, consider there rarity.






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Hi Jeroen: Firstly, before anyone can give you any idea of current market value, they would need to know the size of the marbles on each of the boards ( marbles on each board look to be about the same size ). Secondly, marbles also look to be in very good condition. I take it from your message that you are new to collecting. However, what is your opinion of condition. Also, are you looking for fair market value for each board, including the marbles that sit on them, and, are you looking for a separate value for the 2 pink solid cores, as well. I'm sure you understand that fair market value is whatever someone is willing to pay you for these items. I'm from Canada, however, the biggest single market for collectible marbles is in the United States, although the market has been somewhat depressed during the past 3 to 4 years because of the recession. High end marbles, however, have still been selling for good money. If you can send me the information above, I can give you a fairly good idea of what each board, including marbles, would bring on eBay and at auction ( specific auction house in the United States ). I can also give you a fairly good idea of what the pink solid cores would be worth to a collector based on size and condition. I am in the process of negotiating to buy a 1 1/2" Mint Pink Translucent Solid Core with Multi-Colored Clambroth Style Outer Decoration from a private Canadian collector. Send me the information to my e-mail address ( [email protected] ) so I can reply privately to avoid any controversy over my professional assessments ( I am a registered CPPA....Canadian Personal Property Assessor....and one of my areas of expertise is Antique German Hand-Made Marbles.....you can check it out by going to website www.cppag.com and putting my name in the search bar ). If I were you, I would also put the same information re size and condition, on this site because I am certain that there are others who can give you a pretty good idea of values as well. It's always best to get more than one opinion. Best regards, Bob. p.s. may take a day or two to respond because I am headed to a Marble Show in Canton, Ohio, tomorrow morning.

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