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Vintage Marbles


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Maybe I'm sticking my foot in it as a newbie, but my understanding of "vintage" is an item that is not old enough to be considered an antique ( sometimes 50 years for cars, 100 years for furniture, etc) but not contemporary. An older marble, like an Akro Popeye for example, would be considered "vintage" and there are certainly lots of them in very fine condition. JMHO


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I have never really understood what 'wet mint' means. To the best of my knowledge 'mint' means without wear or flaws, exactly like the item was produced, (with flaws would be seconds or simply, never mint) IMHO. What exactly is the defenition of 'wet mint'?

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Ah, vintage doesn't necessairly mean old. In reality, the word vintage used by itself is nonsence. The true usage of then word vintage needs a year attached to it. Take wine for instance. Vintage 1988 or vintage 2000 is used correctly. Automobiles too, such as, vintage 1935 Ford. Just saying vintage wine or vintage car is meaningless. Them overuse of the word vintage drives one crazy.

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Yep, wet mint means, "So shiney it looks wet"

'Sorry Rich, I do understand the meaning of vintage... But, I confess to being an abuser on eBay.... eBay seems to have changed the rules on a lot of things!! When you only have so many spaces to nail a good search title, one word needed to be created for things that aren't really "Antique" or new.... "Old" just doesn't seem to cut it!! (Though it takes up way less letters...) "Vintage" just seemed to fill the need... Alas... It seems it will always end up meaning, "Something that is classically aged."

Crap... I'm off topic again.... :character-smileys-238:

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wet mint is only a selling tool used to describe old and new stuff,,, like sue said its very hard to find vintage wet mibs in the wild but it is possible, i've done it,, akro's seam to hold up the best in my opinion, vitro's and marble king are much tougher due to the veneer mibs, pelt had a tendecy to have multiple heat pops or as mades cold roll marks but NLR line was less susepitical to this and only a theory but because they were an earlier run, it seams the more common of pelts didnt have the quality standards the NLR line had, agree or disagree that what ive noticed,,, bj

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There used to be a guy that scammed marbles on ebay... All of them were "wet mint!!" He took his pictures with his fingers holding the marble and you could clearly see either water, or what really looked more like vegetable oil on his fingers!!!

Buddy Bowles made up a "Joke photo" of it... I thought I had that saved. But, I can't find it in my files...

Budster, if your out there... Please post it again!!

Ya gotta love the auctions that say "Wet mint with minor scratches and a couple of pinpricks!!!"

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hi miser, what dont you understand? vintage means old, old marbles have been banged around either a lot or a little therefore they wont be "wet mint" ok?
















I'm not seeing too many beat up battered marbles here?

Most of these mibs have never seen combat on the playing field.

Just because they're vintage doesn't mean they have to be beat & battered.



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Marie, that mighta been the same guy... 'Can't remeber his name... The last I knew he was selling "Motivational Videos" on how to make money!!! :confused-smileys-327:

DAMN!!! You really ARE a miser!!! ROFLMAO :rolleye-842:

(NICE stuff!!! :D )

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