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Marble Tease....


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just thought I share just little bit of what coming auctions Will be bringing... and this is only 'some' of the akro.. oh yeah, there's peltiers as

well. :-) Lots of them, and some other fabulous assorted goodies. nope. no cats out of the burlap, you'll just have to tune in. rofl but couldn't resist a little sneak peek.


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It's a wooden case with the plastic grid that fits in, has a flip glass top, doesn't show in pic.. originally belonged to Norm Brown. Galen, bless his heart, mailed this baby to me years back. It's a great organizer,/ show case, and latches shut. :D

Ya all see the tiny marble that dropped in the grid? thats a tiny sparkler gang. tiniest one I have ever seen.

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is that where Norm got them CT? I have another little case that matches it. love it. what's really nice is it really lets the marbles shine! as in~ they get nice light for viewing instead of in a dark foam etc.

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