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Its a search engine phrase (marble, marbles, old, vintage, antique) I include it in most listing titles, ie: old marble or old marbles or vintage marble or vintage marbles. I usually include antique, it didnt meet that.

aint new, so your not complaining about old. vintage ?- I hadnt paid it much atttention ( i dont put the time in the listings that i once did). They are listed in the right catagorie - 1970 to now - modern. On ebay if you are searching a "Particular" catagorie it will only come up in that catagorie. The description list it as modern, its in that catagorie. I had forgot a picture of the marbles packaged in Shamrock Packaging but left room in pictures to include one (they are laying here on the desk to remind me). So this plug or searching my listings or the modern catagorie is the only way you will c it. oh yea search engine, vintage marbles.

hmm,,,,, in my opinion - it is one.




i dont know



edit: i fixed it for ya

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