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Need 5 Or 6 Gray Chinese Checker Marbles

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I could make them but I wanted original ones for my game. Yes, Akro make a few but most newer gray marbles came from Marble King. The size is around 5/8" but a bit smaller. I am in Kansas on an 8 week trip to Maine and back so I cn't take pix. The color is like battle ship gray - medium gray in shade. Thank you all for helping me!!!!!

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We currently are in Topeka Kansas in a Barns & Noble Starbucks and going to sleep in a Wal Mart parking lot. I removed the bck seat of my wife's Scion and built a bed with a 3" memory foam mattress for our bed. Below the bed are 2 compartments where we store clothes. We have 7 weeks to go on our trip!

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Hey Rich,

We're hiding off the beaten track in the woods of PA.

Stop by if you can find us.

There are gallons of Chinese Checkers here in the basement.

I'm Hip.

Alley Agate only supplied red, turquoise, green, black, white and purple marbles for J. Pressman Hop Ching boards with the same colors.

Do you have 1 or 2 sets of these marbles you can sell me?

Alley's grandson, Larry

Correction; Alley did supply Purple instead of Yellow, but not often. Nearly all bags have yellow rather than purple. Green was some times substituted for Turquoise never both at once.. Blue is used

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