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I was cleaning out my barn which has a lot of my great uncles stuff in it from when he passed.

He was am amazing guy with great stories about WWII, growing up, and about life. He held onto

everything and the original packaging.

Well I found these marbles and was wondering if you could tell me what you think about then.

I have looked on-line and realize kinda what I got but not 100% sure yet.

Any info would be great.

Thank you,


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I reduced them to about a third the size. VERY nice set of marbles. I'm going to move the thread to the main forum to get more input. I'll leave a link here though.

This might show up smaller than I reduced them too. Depending on how this displays on the monitor they might need to be clicked on once or twice to get the size I intended. (816 pixels across)



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  • 2 weeks later...

Turns out he was just fishing around looking to find out what it may bring. I also found out the $6,000 was not a hard cash offer. Although they were surprised when I told them the marbles were now on Ebay. also it seems no one could get close ups or descriptions of any damage so some of the marbles may be in played with condition.

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He had emailed me several weeks ago and I asked for additional images before I made an offer. Specifically I wanted to see the end tab with the type of marble on it, and the pic of the marbles did not include the whole box. They never came, and then it showed up here, so I moved on.

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Yes these are the marbles on ebay. Someone got my hopes up with a $5800 offer, but never responded to my emails. So from what I was offered from multiple people I decided to place them on ebay. I found then in the garage and thought I might get a couple hundred bucks, but then when a few collectors told me about them I got pretty excited as anyone would when that kinda number is thrown around. So it's all money to me and will that the highest ebay offer. You want more photos you got it I will take more. I'm an die hard honest person and am willing to meet up with anyone that wants to look at these. I have no reason to scam anyone and didnt even know that such a marble collection world was around.

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The original offer fell threw. I tried to get ahold of the person but when it can down to it they never responded.

I feel like I was lead on a wild goose chase, originaly I thought I'd get a couple hundred bucks. But after talking to some really nice people in the marble community I learned that these where kinda special.

I'm an honest person and thought the bidder was aswell. I would like these to finda a nice home and be appericated by someone who know's and loves marbles. I learned quite a bit about marbles thanks to this site and a few others. I now know the beauty that you all see. Basical I'd like to keep these but, I have a child on the way and need to money.

So I thought ebay was the most honest way to get exposer and let everyone see them.

These are real, it was a great barn score that we all hope to find on day.

Thank you everyone for the info and help. I meant no disrespect with the other offers, I was just promised a large sum and my eyes lit up.

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I don't think you will get the results on e-bay that you would by working with individuals through this board. Your feedback percent alone is going to reduce the number of bidders you have. Yes, buyers and sellers do have more recourse working through e-bay, in theory. However, I think the members here are less risk than elsewhere.

Plus, your description may be giving potential buyers the wrong impression. The marbles are in "new" condition or not. The wording made me think the seller was not actually in possession of the marbles.

The marbles are in great condition I'd say new knowing the source I got them from.

The marbles are out of my range but they are very nice. A very great find indeed!

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