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7/8 Lutz Sold At Auction For Over 25000.00

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Thats correct the 7/8 lutz with opaque pink base sold to the highest bidder for over $25000.00 U.S.

The smaller pink base lutz sold for over $11000.00

This includes the buyers premeum.

On the 7/8 two bidders went at it and it shot up to 19500. Real fast and then a third bidder bidder and finally it settled at 21500+20 percent b.p. totaling over 25k

A Peppermint swirl 1-1/2" 7800.00

A brick 3200.00

Blue lutz 1-7/64" 7000+

Prices are from memory and are aproxament.

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I actually went to the auction to buy the 7/8 pink lutz, my high bid was 19000.

Then I was out bid at 19500

The auctioneer tryed to get me in at 20k

But I wondered where it would stop? Then a earlier bidder that stopper for a while jumped back in.

I stayed on the side lines after my bid of 19k.

This was incredible!


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Beautiful in the pictures! Thanks for the link. I tried to find it earlier but couldn't. Now to watch for the price. Do they ever say where the marbles came from? Like from an estate or whatever?

Killermarbles, sorry you didn't get it but you have to draw the line somewhere I think.

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