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I thought this would be interesting for the thread........

I have only been collecting for 14 years and still consider myself a pup in the hobby...In that time, I haven't seen a Master with a blue and orange color combo (by far I'm not implying that they don't exist).....If they do, I would conclude that this one would be a little harder to find.....I also agree with Leroy that the way the yellow/orange pulls over into the blue is a sure sign that it could very well be a Master Made Marble....

However, I do know that Akro did several types of Orange and Blue.....do a "completed auction" search on eBay with Akro Blue Orange Patch as the search keywords and they show several Blues and Oranges (transparent, translucent and opaque samples).......... The below link is one that I found interesting.....it shows a variety and also one with blending of the 2 colors (the center one).........what do you all think?


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I have seen what I believe are Master blue on orange patches. They look different than Akros to me. In particular, the orange color. But I am no expert either. Here's one in a Collector's Weekly article that is identified as Master, either correctly or incorrectly.


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