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Hey Marble King People, Why Isn't This Just A Wasp?

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Not the Black Widow I learned about which the Marble Queen Jill Spencer found in the 1964-era Paden City dumpsite she owned.

Not sure what this one would be called. Is it a Transparent Wasp?

That seller was mentioned recently as possibly being someone who problems under different ID's.

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So then just a single red patch?

I thought I heard people say that when I first heard of Black Widows, but then I heard it had two patches. So ???

I'm trying to remember where I got my two-patch marble which was called a Black Widow. I can't remember if it came from Jill Spencer or not. I think it did. But I can't remember for sure.

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for ever there was the wasp and the black widow....the vintage black widow had the two swatches of color...the ones with one we called wannabe black widows...maybe be regional up here the....... wasp and b.w. were two different marbles....

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