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Difficulty With Pair Of Ebay Listings

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Is the 2nd one a Champion Furnace swirl?

First one looks very strange. It looks modern and/or contemp to me. (I think of "contemporary" as handmade, and I'm wondering if this one might be a Vacor.)

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Second is definetly a furnace. First one I am not sure but lean to what Steph said. At least the seller is trying and changing her descriptions. I give her kudos. The pics though are bad.

I was sure they were furnace as well.

I can see where Vacor COULD be a choice there,but there is something else I cannot put my finger on it.

There are some nice marbles there

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The pics are not good on the first one. The only non-Vacor possibility I can think of is a CAC Red Devil. If so, someone just got one heck of a deal.

I was thinking Red Devil as well :)

Part of that was by looking at the sellers past sales and the marbles offered.

I was on the fence and let it go by. It was cheap enough I should have let math take over instead of my heart and purchased it. Be out 15.00 or score a 200.00 marble for 15.00

Ah well,sometimes over-thinking closes doors that are wide open after the fact.

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I based my opinion on the original description (type) of CAC called a Red Devil which was a red translucent base with yellow patch like swirling on the surface. Many other red and yellow CACs have been called red devils as of late. This one just does not look CAC to me.

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