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I've Lost My Marbles And Cant Get Up!!


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Hello everyone, My Name is Dave Becker, Ive collected marbles for about 27 years now, I'm a stone mason by trade, also a Veteran of The USMC , I collect a little bit of everything Marble wise and Marble related objects, stone spheres,Gem & mineral specimans, Old Soda Pop Items, I have a fair amount of Knowledge reguarding Vintage and antique marbles, Not saying Im an expert in any specific field, when I feel I can add some knowledge to a post I will do so, not here to argue or bring unwanted drama, I just enjoy the hobby, I also make marbles out of Polymer Clay, that go buy the name of Big Chief Clay Marbles-- and Blackhawk Agates, if you do a google search you will get more info than you need, While in the USMC I had an Accident, Long story short a blood clot was removed from my brain, (The Memory Center Area) I sometimes forget and get companies confused, Thinking Alley and saying Champion,my spelling is bad and my gramar is horrible, If I'm wrong on a post I will be the First to admit it, I'm new here as of today, and look foward to many a good discusion, recent finds and the good folks that impart their knowledge on new and younger collectors,we are all still learning, allthough I collect marbles from all companies, germans, clays, china's My favorites are Alley Agates, They Rival any other companies finest, Enough windage, it's great to be here!! Dave B.

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