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Hey Steph


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Well, I just did an experiment and found that you get a single line when someone on your ignore list posts. It's relatively unobtrusive. It says, "This post is hidden because you have chosen to ignore posts by so-and-so. View it anyway?"

They'll still be able to see your posts.

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(Please forgive me for doing the lawyer-like thing and making a disclaimer!

But I really need to say that I like and respect all the parties involved here.)

So what I'm thinking right now is that I thought of Galen's post

as being self-deprecating humor, and it was funny.

Which is what I think Gnome Punter's reply post meant as well.

So for my interpretation, I think Duffy was a little over-sensitive on this one,

and hope everyone thinks I'm being un-biased since I've been agreeing

with Duffy more often than Galen recently. ( :

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