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We Dance With The Fella That Brung Us


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We got lots of gold lutz, gold frit, and gold lutz ribbons. Hope to have time to post some pics tonight. We also have something new - blue lutz not blue aventurine. Hope to show some of that tonight too. Sistersville starts tomorrow. Everyone is moving in today.

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Pure silver leaf,,,just a test.To the best of my knowledge,81 marbles and 3 "eggs" TOTAL.

I was doing some playing.

There is even one called,Ron Sheperds Driveway sprinkle.Crushed green slag,and it was from his driveway.

Getting "stuff" ready for Tuesday,,,,,,,,,after Sistersville is over,,,,,,,

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Marbles in the steel bin


Front row: Bobby Newman

2nd row: Jimmy Hilliard, Edna Eaton, Dave Akers, Linda Simmons, Paul Simmons, Irma Taylor

3rd row: Lee Silvers, Dave McCullough, Ron Shepherd, David Griffie, Butch Taylor, Dennis Taylor, Sammy Hogue, Ed Garner


Bobby Newman, Tom Summers, Linda Simmons


Butch Taylor, Dennis Taylor, Linda Simmons

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