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Added A Few Euro's Over This Last Week.

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well I also got a few might be chipped so I might just flip them but will wait till I seen them , there just the common ones . looks like 5 and I think the others are new marbles . Mike

here are the auction pics. just a small size . all were listed as

Nice lot of 13 collectible marbles.


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Thanks guys, I am enjoying the study of the glass and color in these. Hopefully it will help me ID some as I find them. Winnie, you might be right about easier to find here although I am not sure if I have just been lucky lately or not. Either way I am finding nothing with different color. That fact is driving me to pay close attention where ever I go for marbles. I have found different patterns, and some that look like they would be a different company because they are so different, yet the colors are shades of the same two....red-ish purple and green.

After I took these photos I was looking thru one of my WV swirl boxes and found another. lol Same colors and yet again another different style swirl.


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The last one sure is an euro swirl,they can be opaque or translucent,i think yours is a bit translucent?

the euro's i find here are mostly brownish purple/green.

Jeeperman you're doing well,once you studied them,it's easy to pick them out of a group,here's a translucent Euro swirl.


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