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Who's Going To Northeast Marble Show (Marlborough)


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I'm planning to be there Friday. I'm in France this week and I'm glad there are very few marble to be had here as I've not gotten a chance to even "get off the farm". Scheduled return flight through Boston. It has always been one of my favorite shows. Kudos to Bert for all the work he has done for so many years. Bill

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Hello Bill,

I told you that marbles are hard to find in France :( I have no idea why. Perhaps German people and France people were not the best friends in the period that the handmade marbles were produced in Germany.

But at least you saved some money for the marbles show ;-)


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Anyone else planning on being there?

Here's a small sample that Bert sent me of the items in the auction:

# 50. Marble Player Shooter Metallic Sculputre at Atlantic City.. 1925
Present to Marie Lawley, first girll to be allowed to play with the boys and she won.VERY RARE
# 7 . Rodney Andrews 2 1/8 Descending dots, fume frontside and pin wheel on the back.
He does exceptional work
#12 KAIMANA 3 1/8 Marble Abstract Dichro shapes on end of day marble..1985
# 17 David Salazar 2 5/8 Angelfish in Coral Reef
# 22 Steve Hitt 1 5/8 Marble encased with several Rasta Lion Murrines
# 26 Julia Powell" 2 7/8 Handpainted marble of Akro agate building and children playing marbles
# 49 James Alloway Big 6 inch Marble with glass stand attached..signed
# 41 Chris Roesinger 2.7 Heliocello..Boro glass reticello pattern marble with copper on background
# 54r Box of Akro Age -- Cardinal reds Original box of 25 rare
# 67 Marble Trophy from 1992 British and World Championship in England, attended by USA,France, Holland,England
# 76 Gateson Recko 1 1/2 Nebula University marble with spiral galazy outstanding
# 79 James Yaun 2 1/8 Gold and Silver Tornado Twist with blue and silver fume
# 83 Kevin O'Grady 1 1/2 Fumed Vortex marble
# 84 Mimbre Balls Terracotta circa 950-1150 AD with Certificate of Auth.. about 50 marbles
# 99 Peltier 1929 marble RARE Moon Character (black transfer)
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We had a great show yesterday. I'll post some images in a little while.

I haven't gotten a final count from Bert yet, but I'm estimating that there were about 200-225 that walked through the door, maybe a little more. A lot of faces I haven't seen there before.

Finally got to meet idigjars! Yea!

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