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Canton Marble Show This Week

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Change of plans for me, calling for 12 -14 inches tonight in the hills here. I will not get there till Thursday instead of Wed. Want to wait for the white angel poop to stop. Boy them angels must have had way to much to eat this year............Sorry, a little friend calls snow angel poop, guess it's all in what you believe.


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I just dread that walk to Starbucks in the morning. I do not have any long johns and it makes for clacking clackers

Man, your clackers are old and fragile!

"Clackers, also known as Knockers and Click Clacks, consisted of two large acrylic balls, which hung on either end of a heavy string. The two balls would swing apart and together, making the loud clacking noise that gave the toy its name. If swung too hard, the acrylic balls would shatter, sending flying shrapnel everywhere.

Clackers were banned in 1985."


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