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Looks Like Sunburst


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At least a little, or much??

Most have a clear glass base,some have a tinted clear base,almost all have wispy white,with an opaque multy colored sort of patch on the surface.

I find them here in marble groups from the 50's-60's.

See them sometimes on Ebay go for Master Sunburst.


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Sunbursts mostly cover the entire marble surface, which these do not. Could they be foreign, possibly French? They made similar marbles in the 1960's, it seems.

Oh yeah,maybe i was not clear enough,but i think mine are foreign,don't know where they have been made.

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There are two big questions -- who in Europe might have had the technology? Or who in America might have exported them?

But that adds a third question -- why an American company may have exported marbles which looked a little different from the lines we recognize most easily ?

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