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A Name For This Akro?

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If that has a name, I don't know it. It makes me think of Imperial, though not the type which is most commonly called Imperial. There were several different kinds of marbles which were sold in Imperial boxes and I wonder if this might have been one.

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well for sure not a carnelian , I have one and what makes it different is all the bubbles in the base glass so what causes the bubbles , it could be a ringer with out the white , or an imperial that went wrong and got bubbles but I think I have one but no oxblood , as far as value well if you like it great . but I think you pictures might make it look different just put it in with some others, if you have them if not well that is why we are all addicted just but more . digital pics always depends on lighting and will change and of course what you are looking at them with . for sure oxblood because it is on top . enjoy . and just wondering if I may have over payed , well if was $1.00 you got a great deal if $50.00 you paid to much , also remember if it was in an auction and you were high bidder you just paid more than any one else wanted to pay . Mike



not a carnelian


not a ringer


not a imperial


marble separate showing air bubbles but with lighting changed



well not sure if this answers questions I think it is on the different side and the oxblood is always worth the money . Mike

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The color of the orangish red matches the imperial closest. I agree, it doesn't really look like a carnelian now that I've compared the base glass.

I purchased it as a "buy it now" for $25, thinking it was an orangeade oxblood...

Here is a link to the ended auction. The seller's pics may be more revealing than mine with an iPhone! http://bit.ly/1h4rLNa

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I am still under the impression that some may have been sold in Imperial boxes. I think about five different styles were sold in them over the years. That is to say, I think about five different styles have been found in the boxes in recent decades.

I'm only judging from pictures though. Haven't seen any of the boxes in person.

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