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Brimfield Spring 2014 Finds

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The third is an Alley too (I think?)

I just found one exactly like your top row far right. Ive been told maybe ravenswood. Im hoping its not jabo lol

It looks like a nice Ravenswood from here.

Let me know if either or both of you would like to trade or sell . . .

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I have not seen an Alley like it but I have certainly not seen them all. And after I looked at my Ravenswoods, I am not so sure that it's Ravenswood either, and it worries me a bit that these seem to be showing up all of a sudden - quite a few colors for Alley or Ravenswood IMO. Could it be one of Sammy's?

I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of more pics of yours.

Here are some Sammy's (Rich Shelby's pic).


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Pretty sure that Ebay marble is new. The Sammies are being sold cheaply and in bulk. I am sure they are .scattered throughout the country in bags boxes and jars by now. Lots more of the new run marbles showing up in vintage groups out here since the prices have fallen into the basement.

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Nice finds Bob. Wish Brimfield wasn't 3k miles away.

My first thought was a new marble as well. I go to antique shows and stores and see them in jars or mixed in with older mibs. At least with the Jabo investor it was easier as the size of 3/4" helped give it away. Sammy's are 5/8". Gonna be a lot of confusion for future collectors.

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