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I've recently placed this marble on eBay, and to my surprise I've receive A LOT of attention from it... I also placed a similar blue one that doesn't have even one person watching. So what I'm wondering, is the red a little harder to come by??

Here's the link:


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Is the red harder to come by or people are seeing a multi color marble instead of a two color ? A buyer may be expecting multiple shades as the picture shows. The picture should reflect the true marble not extra colors.

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What you see in the picture is exactly how the marble looks. It's not backlit, but does have two lights focused on it for the photo. However, it does look like two shades of red in hand. But when backlit one can see that it is just the darkening of the transparent red from the white striping on the outer surface. But, like I said, not trying to con anyone here, and whoever buys it will not be disappointed, it's colors are true in the photos. If for some reason they don't like it, I always accept returns, no questions asked.

Thanks everyone for the input. It's a real pretty marble!

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