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Kokomo Pelt Vitro?


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Hi everyone,,,,I have a small batch of marbles that I thought were pelt,,,,then someone thru out a kokomo suggestion,,,,so I have been reading kokomo forums on all the marble sites,,,,I came across a picture and paragraph that runnersdad had posted about a small goup of pelts he had,,,,,,,,"except for the one on the right " is what he posted,,,,well,,,,,,the one he had in the middle was id'd as kokomo which I totally agree with,,,,but his one on the right looks a lot like my small group,,,,so are mine Vitro Pelt Kokomo or what??? Would love to see any and all input!!!!post-1905-0-00335400-1412440620_thumb.jppost-1905-0-59081300-1412440633_thumb.jp

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I am not really seeing Pelt here. The base is unusual - it looks like it could be Kokomo. But from what I have seen of their marbles, which is quite a bit, these almost look too nice. Vitro could be the better bet. Whatever they are, they are nice marbles.

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I can't think of anything close to the blue and red ones.

I thought I might have a pic of something close which someone postulated to be Kokomo but I found it and realized I was wrong. Not a good match at all.


So I still don't know.

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