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Mystery Mib Nostalgia


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Just ran across this set of pics. I was never happy with the ID's given for this one. It wasn't mine at the time, but it is now. I was so fascinated with it, the guy who owned it sent it to me. (:


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I have a few of the multicolored flames similar to some of those with my Alleys, but lately I've started feeling more iffy about that.

I also have a couple that look very much like the black & white two on the right, and mine are CAC. Those might be too.

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Was this one a CAC? Should I have kept it? Clear base and a layer of clear over the whole thing so that even though it had a few pinpricks they were really hard to see because they didn't go below the clear.

That orangey-red doesn't look CAC to me now that I think about it, but *scratches head*.


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After my first just-for-the-fun-of-it marble acquisition, I was one of those people who started collecting with the hope of making a profit. Learning as I went. I thought it was a CAC, which meant maybe it could help pay for my investments, and I think I got around $50 for it. Now it doesn't look like a CAC to me but I don't have another guess.

Speaking of those early days, man, oh man, do I wish I still had the World's Fair cigar box back with all the beautiful Akros and simple but sweet Master Cloudies which were in it. ... which I got for $20.

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