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This one I'm not sure. What looks like flea bites all over is actually sand? or something trapped all inside the glass. whatever it is, there's lots of it! .855" diameter

IMG 2278

IMG 2277

IMG 2276

IMG 2275

And this one is slightly over 1/2'', has two ground pontils. Is this a handmade moonie? Has that orangey amber glow when backlit.

IMG 2243

IMG 2242

IMG 2241

IMG 2237

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Yes its glass.... bought the little one in a lot off ebay, from zaboo actually, a couple years ago. There were about 15 handmades in the lot altogether, and all glass.

Actually........... now you have me second guessing.... I think there were a couple of stone carnelians in the lot..... So maybe not glass. How can I tell? Without smashing it.... lol

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Idle curiosity -- I wonder if the amber glowing stone one would be one they called a moonie circa 1900.

From reading old newspaper articles I'm pretty sure there was a marble the kids called moonie before Christensen and Akro came out with glass versions.

But I have no idea what the old version was.

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I agree with Lloyd that the gray one appears to be stone. And the first does look Akro/Master-ish

Steph, Your thoughts seem reasonable. I have seen many translucent agates that children could easily have referred to as moonies - some whiter and even more moon-like than this one. If, as you say, people were referring to moonie marbles before glass marbles were produced, such agates would seem to be top contenders for the monicker.

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