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Bird Is The Word


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He made me work for it, which is to say that I had to make my

jittery nervous self sit motionless for half an hour before he wasn't on 'alert' anymore.

Well I like to think he was posing for me.

The only good shots I have of him were taken on Sundays.

The entire area is completely deserted, and without all the activity and noise that's

here the rest of the week, we get a good one-on-one thing going. ( :

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Huh! Hadn't thought about it, but all the places I've seen him have definitely been at ground level.

Never really thought about a name either. I tend to call critters "bird" "dog" and "cat".

Also, my choices would be limited, since I have no idea if we're dealing with a he or she here.

Does anyone know if the distinction is obvious with herons?

Or does one have to be rather rude to find out? ( :

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Both males & females of the Great Blue look the same.

They have the same coloring and feather arraignment.

The males are a little taller.

I guess you'd have to lift up the skirt to know for sure if it was a hen or rooster.

How about 'Harry the Heron' as a name for this handsome character.

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