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Champion Bag

Al Oregon

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The Champion bags are ones that have a "poor" history due to all of the filled bags that occurred after the factory sale where people bought empty bags, headers (labels) and marbles. When the Champion marbles ran out when they were filling the bags, others were put in like MK, etc.

But you do find original Champion bags and some of them have great marbles in them or, at least, interesting ones. This is one I got recently with some varied Champion marbles in it, including misshapen flame and "Pumpkin Swirl" (I think it was called by David C.).




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Hi Al,

A number of years ago I bought a case of marbles from Champion delivered to an insurance salesman in Pa.

The Auctioneer's first name was Nevin, I can't remember his last name but he is still an auctioneer.

The case of marbles were all 20 Winners bags and in everyone was at least one or more metallic striped marble.

Some bags had as many as three metallic striped marbles. These were delivered directly from champion to the salesman.

I was too stupid to keep the box, I saw all the metallic striped marbles and thought what a treasure, my mistake!

Anyway everyone was telling me they were repros, so I broke them all up and sold them through Alan Basinet. They were not repros, I only wish I kept the box to prove it.....Joe McDonough

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Winnie, not sure on time frame. I think the "pumpkin" marble was 70's or 80's.

As for the Nationwide bag, I found one with the 3 metallics in it also. Here's a pic. Also, these bags were used by insurance agents for promos. Here's a picture of one, front & back. Also, there are filled ones of these, too.

The Champion made bags are a crapshoot sometimes. Even with the original one that I posted, if there were older headers/labels like this in the factory sale, this could be a filled one. If so, at least it had some good Champion marbles in it.





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