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Corals .... And Questions ... And Stuff


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Mostly swirls here. A couple of other marbles said they wanted to join in because they had orangey shades. Don't blame me. I'm just doing what they said. That orangey and black one on the center left made me think Pelt but the ribbon structure looks like a swirl. The back left one has distinct seams ... at 90 degrees from each other.

On the back row second from the left, that marble has seams too. A peachy V on one side and lots of green the other. Did Vitro make a "coral"?

In the front, on the left, the swirl looks almost red ... but not quite. A tad less red in hand than in the pic, I think.

What shade would you call the ones on the right? Still coral? Brown? (A little darker in hand than in the pic.)


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I was thinking likely Alley for three of them. I guess I should have put those three in a column, eh?

... the two in front of the maybe-Vitro ... and the one on the right of the maybe-Vitro

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I can always tell the Ravenswoods, because the coral isn't really coral, in my mind, and the green is a little off too (too much blue hue?), and the ribbons (when you can distinguish ribbons) are a little blurry. So I don't really think of them as corals.

But then there are the real corals . . . one type with transparent green base and another with opaque green base? One made by one company and the other made by another?

Was only one type found at the Alley sites? Or both? Or are there two (or more) types with the transparent green, as I have also heard? Or . . . or . . . .or . . . That's what I don't understand. :dunno:


RON . . . RONNNN . . .


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Good post on the catagory of "Corals". I was reading and waiting for someone to add peltier to the mix and i see Al did. One more (not) mentioned was CAC, did they have an example of the "Coral" types also? These "Coral" type marbles fall into (for me) a generalized catagory of a certain color combination that varies from one company to another. We collectors have many of these examples in our collections made by (different) marble companies. Akro was not mentioned either, so did akro have a color palat that they made a color combo like the others? Did any of the marble companies actually have a (named) produced box of these? Expanding our knowledge with lots of conversations, photos, and provinance brings this great hobby forward with enthuasiam. Chuck G--

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Or are there two (or more) types with the transparent green, as I have also heard? Or . . . or . . . .or . . . That's what I don't understand. :dunno:

Hey Chuck -- CAC is what I was thinking of when I said ^^^^^ that. I've been told the ones with transparent green with smooth ribbons were Champion, while those with ribbons whose bottoms were striated were CACs. That would leave Alley for the opaques, I guess.

I'm not sure why I'm reluctant to believe all that.

Seems to me any company could make any of them or all of them, depending on the glass formula, the weather, and whatnot.

Setting aside that, where have they been found? Ron says a number of corals have been found at Alley sites (or one Alley site?) but I'm not sure what type of coral. The one I put up in that post is below. . . and he said Alley about that one.

So I don't know nuffink.


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Eeek! I think there may be new evidence, saying that even the clear based ones are Alley, not Champ.

Something Larry Alley said on Facebook about someone else's clear-based green one. Backed up with reference to p. 58 of his book.

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So I went back to Larry Alley's book and combed for corals . . . all kinds are in there. Some spectacular. So . . .

Is the thought now that until further notice, all corals should probably be considered Alley?

That would certainly be a relief.

What's the current feeling?

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