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My First Buys


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Well i finally after 12 months of hanging around on the forums i've let the moths out of my wallet and bought some Marbles very happy with my purchase I bought these in BST on the other forum the Seller Gregor threw in a bunch for free and Put them in little bags with ID tags :thup:

These were actually for my 7 year old daughter Kaitlyn who is keen to collect, she managed to earn a few bucks out of me and decided she wouldn't mind a few marbles with the cash

The first 2 pictured were my original purchase the rest are the free bees







Got a few more in the post some where between the US and here these guys took 21 days from Ohio to Western Australia :D

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Hey thanks guys Keeping her interested is going to be the trick there are many other distractions out there for a seven year old especially since marbles aren`t to be played with :D She has another nice one on the way in a handful i bought of Ebay looking forward to getting those in hand some real nice one`s for me :)

Couple more shots of the alley`s these are our first WV swirls for some unknown reason i don't seem to find them on the ground here,









Here is 3 small ones from ebay that have arrived I'm never going to rival " Killermarbles " collection but years from now i hope to have a nice display ;)




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Yeah Steph she does have a couple handfuls of modern Mibs her nanna bought for her which to be honest was quite annoying at the time as i dint want any to end up mixed with the old stuff i was bringing home ive mellowed a bit now and think for the most part can spot her play marbles


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Well no doubt about the ID on this lot 2013 Pennsboro dug alley Kaitlyn likes cullet and this lot is also for her we have a little more on the way too



few i think are quite nice / interesting






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Thanks Steph yes she likes the cullet she found a piece from the local glass bottle works here a couple years back on some vacant land and when i showed her this stuff for sale she jumped at it

Here is the first piece she found The Perth Glass Works used recycled glass much the same as the US marble makers but there is no evidence they made marbles pretty good match for some of the slags i find though and the owner certainly had the Glass blower skills

Kaitlyn is also a keen antique bottle collector and has had a couple of displays at our annual state collectors show, This year we may do a combined father daughter marble display marbles have never been shown before in the history of the club


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