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Two More For Id. Thank You.


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My previous notion was that a slag had a transparent colored base with white swirls. While turning this marble, I see an opaque White base with opaque colored swirls through which no windows of transparency can be found. The darkest red ribbon may have some depth to it that may make one think of a transparency. Can it still be called a slag? I may not know my left from my right either, so keep teaching me. I'm willing to call it a slag , it's just more opaque than I am familiar with. Thank you.

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Thanks Steph, it could be, but a big question mark still fills my otherwise empty head. And then there is the marble on the right, both from Clyde's collection. As for the marble on the right, I know there are marbles from Ravenswood and Champion, and even from Mid-Atlantic that are similar, Could this be one of those M.K. swirls that I have heard about, but not seen?

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I believe they are. Any thoughts about mine? A collector from IA. was at the Des Moines show with pictures of M.K. swirls

asking if anyone had any. When I got home, I found this marble and am wondering if it could be..... Compared to your picture,

the colors don't seem quite right, but I'm not sure. Thanks Ann.

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The colors of yours are different but I certainly can't rule it out, since I've only seen a handful of the MK swirls, mostly in pictures. Those were all in the red / blue / green / yellow ribbons on white combo, I think. But I've got Gerald Wichter's article about them at home, though, and I'll check it tonight.

The pic I posted are of ones (from Bob Byard) that I was frustratingly outbid on a few years ago. I can still get upset about it if I let myself . . ..

I don't know much about Mid-Atlantic either, but the 3 or 4 I have and all the ones I've seen pictures of are much more "faded" looking than yours.

"Champion" keeps drifting across my mind, but . . .

Will report back.

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I think the right one is Champion. The attached pictures are ones that I had ID'd by Ron & Ric at a Texas Show a few years ago. The one with greem & orange seems to match style-wise and glass-wise. The others are various blue & orange ones 9maybe with more opaque white) but they do seem to fit. The one pic from a bag was from a Champion Whirlwind bag that I have.





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OK, according to Witcher, who's been looking for MK swirls for 15 years or so and found only about 35 -- most damaged in some way -- there are 5 different color combinations amongst the ones he's been able to gather up:

1. Red, blue, yellow

2. Red, green, yellow

3. Red, green, blue

4. Brown/purple, green, blue

5. Orange, blue, yellow

All on a white base glass, generally mixed with clear, which you can see if you look closely; kinda wispy-like in some places.

Obviously the #5 combination is closest to yours, but yours lacks the yellow, and apparently all of the MK swirls he has and has seen have 3 colors (on white). The white of yours looks OK. But the main thing that would keep me from thinking MK swirl now is the very clear ribbon definition that all of the illustrated ones have.

So . . . maybe not an elusive MK swirl. Or at least the probabilities are better that it's something else. Maybe it will ring a bell with someone more versed in WV swirls than me.

Here's another view to go with the one up there in post #13.


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