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My Soulmate Kitty


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My soulmate kitty is very ill. He's probably not long for the world. We came here to Wisconsin with five cats. The three boys we have now were all still growing when we got here. Now they're 15 and 16. Here are kitten photos and a photo of my little one when he was at a healthy weight. Well, relatively healthy -- a little chubbers. He is less than half that size now. I'm going to miss this little boy so much.



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Another baby picture -- that's him on the right -- name is Brother.


Here's his skinny self from tonight.


Brother's brother's name is Joe. He's a sweetheart. He's going strong. And he's enjoying eating all of Brother's leftovers after we try to entice Brother to eat.

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So sorry about your particular kitty. Just spend as much time with him as you can, and let him know you are there.

I had a soulmate kitty too, although I tended to think of him as . . . well . . . my familiar. I lost him after 18 years, about 5 years ago, and am forced to admit I haven't yet completely gotten over it.

Maybe never will.

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Thank you.

Joe will be a comfort. He's a fun and funny and loving boy. Better-natured than Brother actually -- just not as adept at hogging the spotlight. : ) He'll get the benefit of double helpings of spoiling.

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Thanks, Alyce.

When we moved up here we had two older cats, mother and son, Jean Ann and The Batweasel. They died within a month of each other. That was ten years ago. Still every now and then I almost see one of them out of the corner of my eyes. :) And every now and then Joe will go looking for his old friend, Batweasel under the chest of drawers. (Goofy cat!)

They both went fast. The mother was still acting like a kitten on her last day. We had a nice game of catch and "shred the paperwad". And then a little later I found her and she was gone. This is so different. We've had a lot of extra time to spoil Brother with special treats. But it's been tough watching him fade.


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My buddy is gone. He ate well yesterday. Then he slept between us last night. We slept lightly to see if he needed anything. He had a heart attack while using the litter box this morning. He lasted long enough for me to call my husband in. Hubby said a beautiful goodbye. But we've really been saying goodbye for several days now.

Now only two cats to spoil -- except they're going on a diet to trim what they put on eating all those leftovers.

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Since I'm frequently guilty of incorrectly assuming that everyone knows exactly what I'm

thinking and feeling at any given moment, I'm going to add a note here just to play it safe.

I think this cartoon is beautiful. I laughed out of pure joy when I saw it.

The concept of 'Cat Heaven', as nice as that is, has always seemed a little 'off' to me,

probably because it seems to imply something 'separate'.

This artist got it right.

Of course there's a cat-door! :)

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