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Bagatelle / Tabletop Pinball


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Sharp's Shooter. The odd thing about this one is that the marble you hit with the launcher is inside that metal 'cage' and it hits the marble in the lane above the cage, which actually gets launched - please don't ask me why. lol


Well, I read the patent (1932; #1,890,850). Then I tried it and it worked:

If you put several marbles in the lane and one marble in the 'cage', only one marble will be ejected from the lane when you shoot. If you put two marbles in the 'cage', two marbles will be ejected from the lane when you shoot - pretty ingenious, really.

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Here are a few


Nice collection, i also like these pinball games.

At my childhood i often maked and played with these ones, i use simply a sheet of wood, some scrap wood, some nails and bicycle bells to make a pinball game.

I also had miniature ones with small bearing balls.

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