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I thought this was very interesting!

(My attorney advises me that I've already legally established myself as a 'nerd' here, and need no further disclaimer.)

Here's the 'opening moment' from a television commercial for a national company. They have outlets all over

the United States, so I'm ass-uming that the commercial is being widely broadcast.

The 'closed-captioning' you see here is completely correct. This is exactly what the guy said.

And 99% of English-speaking people would never speak in this way!

They'd say ".....needs to be fixed.....".

In my entire life I've known maybe two or three people who would speak this way naturally.

They were from certain areas in the state of Pennsylvania.

So what do you think? Did someone at Safelite 'goof up'?

Or did some ad-guy pull a brilliant move by making the ad completely correct, but somewhat more 'noticeable'?

I looked up Safelite to see where they're located. And since the great state of Ohio is a particularly

'marble-friendly' one, I'm hoping someone here could tell me whether the 'needs fixed' type of English usage

also exists there. Happy weekend! :)


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You nailed the Pennsylvania dialect. My wife is from Pittsburg and is constantly telling me the garage needs cleaned and my shirt needs ironed. And my marbles need picked up too! Of course, after 38 years, I love her anyway. lol

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