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Akro-Imperial-Or Something Else?


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Shall ponder this awhile.

I think Master on the bottom right.

I kinda wanna say Akro on the bottom middle, but wanna simmer on that for a bit. Is the green ribbon transparent on that one?

Would love to have others interrupt my ponderings with their ponderings. :)

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Yes the green is transparant of the middle one on bottom.

The three on top are translucent,a little light shines through them.

You see Steph,what confuses me the most is that some of these patches don't look Imperial at all to me.

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I wouldn't think Imperial for any of them. If I didn't know these weren't from the US, I would have said:

Pelt or vitro, Akro, Vitro

Master, Akro, Master.

Knowing that I am not completely familiar with foreign marbles and that these weren't found here, it adds a little doubt to my IDs but they look US to me.

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New day, new perspective. I think lower left is Imperial and the two middle ones are odd compared to US marbles.

I don't know,don't recognize it as Imperial.

I found it with these in a group of old marbles,I know everything could happen.


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Sometimes I can be a whiner.

First let me say that I find it very clever that you can distinquish these äsians" from Master Sunbursts,

I think I never will be able to do that.

I've see some Masters at Joesmarble site,they resemble mine,and they also fit perfect with the Masters I've already have.

I would appreciate if you can give me a hint,how you can see the difference.

I also can't see that the glass is new,and usually I do see it pretty well at Vacors and Imperials.

I really hope to get some comments.

Here're 3 more.


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Maybe they're masters, I am not the end all authority for sure. They really do look like Master, especially the group pictures. Honestly, if they weren't in the context that they are and they were in a box full of U.S. marbles I wouldn't have hesitated to put them in the master box. The knowing that these were found overseas puts them under more scutiny than normal. Imperial did make (distribute anyway) some that look very much like masters.

I can't tell for sure if glass is new or old, but new marbles do have a certain look. It might not always be the right feeling but what can I say?

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