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Antique German Marble Number 2

Geordies Liggies

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Second post on the site, looking for opinions on the second marble.
This was obtained along with marble shown in previous post, and was described as "Large Old Marble ca.33mm with silver shimmer demolition glass RARE".
This marble is 33mm diameter, handmade marble. Has an orange and red swirled core, surrounded by an absolute blizzard of mica. The amount of mica is such that the core is visible only from either pole.
It has 1 ground pontil, which has not quite flattened the poit at which it was cut from the cane. I cannot see a pontil at the other end, though I can feel a slight irregularity to the touch.
There are a few small bubbles among the mica, and two larger bubbles attached to the twisted core.
Only similar pics I have been able to locate online are for 'onionskin blizzard' type marbles, but I am not confident that the core could be described as an onionskin (even one with a shrunken core).
Again, any and all opinions are valued.

Blizzard view 1

Blizzard view w

Blizzard view 3

Blizzard view 4

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Hi Dan, many thanks for the quick response.

The fact that I have come across nothing like this before I exactly why I am seeking opinions from those with more experience.

I'm puzzled as to why I cannot find any images anywhere to match these marbles.

I know that there is a guy in Bulgaria selling questionable (at very least) marbles, but these don't look to match his work.

They costme very little and are without doubt the most 'bling' marbles which I have encountered. 😁



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Thanks, Dan.

Good job getting the images to post, Steve. The gallery is kinda cool when people figure out how to use it. And what a pretty marble. Sorry about the under the floorboard story. :( But the bling is awesome.

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Thanks machinemades,

You make a good point, the pontils are probably one of the main areas where you can see a difference.

As both this and the other marble I have posted for ID are both obviously handmade, why is this?

It would seem to indicate that different methods of manufacture, or at least 'cutting', are being used. Can you elaborate at all?

Many thanks,


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Steve, that would be a good question to ask in a separate thread in the main chat forum. :)

Can't remember offhand if we have collectors from Germany posting. We do have marble run makers from Germany posting, but not sure about marble collectors.

If we do though, they're probably not checking the ID threads often.

So a fresh thread with a clear title would be the best way to see. :thup:

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