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Referencing Tommy's post from the 26th regarding that green stringy marble, I made a comment before the actual ID of that marble was being tossed around that I was going to check out the cats eyes I have accumulated out of curiosity. I do know that cats eyes are super common and not on many peoples radar for collectible purposes. But as I was digging through them, I came across one that stood out too me. Unlike any of the other ones I ended up accumulating, the same color meets on both sides. All 3 colors do this. And the veins are very straight. I decided to look into it and this particular variety is called a "crossthrough". The one I saw featured on a book cover was green, yellow and red called the "Beach Ball". The one I have is red, white and blue. Clear glass. There was mention that these crossthroughs were scarce? Wasn't sure if it meant just the Beach Ball variety, or any crossthrough. Wondering if someone could offer some clarity on this? Thanks!







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Yours I would say is Asian made, the veins appear to cross through but if you look closely in the center of the marble the color ends temporarily before returning on the other side. AS far as I know Marble King made the original U.S. version of the Crosthrough, I believe they only had 4 veins and the colors actually do cross through, Generally larger marbles, "Steph" has some good ones she has pictures of & is much more knowledgeable on them than I am. I think the MK cross through's were made at the St. Mary's location?? The two I have posted are both Asian, probably Japanese, you can see where the colored veins end pretty easily on the R,W,G a little harder to see on the B.R,W. Some of the cats are moving up, MK painted turtles, cross throughs, Vitro are all beginning to go up in value. Some are truly beautiful marbles, the MK painted  turtles are my favorites with the thick multi colored veins of the Hybrid Vitro's coming in second. The third pic is a Vitro just to give you an idea of what I was talking about. Fourth & 5th pics are some MK painted turtles for sale on Ebay right now, they come in many different colors just like every other cat.

Stephen Bahr is a member here & has made several YouTube marble I.D. vids, the first is his home page link and contains all his vids, the second is specifically on cats eyes. These vids are well made & will give you a good jump start on marble I.D.'s "Have fun William"  !!

HOME LINK https://www.youtube.com/c/StephenBahr/videos

Cats eye vid link

CAT LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdsHJfKPQ8AASIAN



1 (487).JPG

1 (488).JPG


1 (486).JPG





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I think that would still be considered a triple cross-through, William. And yes, they are harder to find than single cross-throughs, which still have six vanes and three colors, but two vanes of the same color are next to one another, like W-B-B-W-R-R-(back to W). Yours is W-R-B-W-R-B-(back to white).

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I don't remember the name "beach ball" used for these.  But it probably has been!  It would fit.  Beach ball is a popular name for different marbles from different makers.

"Triple cross-through" is how I would say it.   And yes, uncommon and desirable.   

From Japan, circa 1960's. 

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Wow, what a coincidence! I had already watched some of Stephen's videos before joining here, and that is precisely where I went to look into it again! Cool! I asked him about it also on his cats eye comments. Small world I guess but probably should have figured he was connected here too 😊 Thanks for the input folks!

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