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Three for ID please.


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Right to left Akro Cork Prize Name I think at .61; however, it has a translucent white base and at places it looks transparent toward the middle.  Middle at .62 not sure.  Left I believe is a WVS, not sure the Manufacturer at .62(close to OX, but don't think it is from looking at my examples.

thumbnail (9).jpg

thumbnail (8).jpg

thumbnail (7).jpg

thumbnail (6).jpg

thumbnail (40).jpg

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The middle one is a Vacor “Red Devil”.
The one on the right is an Akro and it is very close to being a well filled “Popeye”, maybe not but close imho.
The left hand one---hmmm, I think that you are right WVS. It does look semi Peltish though.
All opinions are welcomed and needed.

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100% Popeye, never heard of any stipulation as to the amount of transparent clear base it has to have just that it has it. The qualifiers to be a Popeye as far as I know are a transparent clear base w/ whispy white strands running through it and @ least 2 other opaque colors. I'll post a tight stranded one and a thinner one. Even distribution of the white strands in the clear base seem to be the ideal $$ mib, but all perspective.

OP Popeye, you can see the clear transparent base.



A couple of mine

Thin dispersal of the white stranding, my faves


This ones a whole lot closer to the example in the OP



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