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Jabo's Holy Grail ???

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When you find a pre contract Jabo in this size with no flaws---top notch imho.

Here is a nice Pre contract run Jabo @ 31/32”.
Just a killer larger sized  production Jabo.



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It's THE raven. Already a small run I think, and there is a special one.


From https://www.westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/jabo-inc-miscellenious

According to the lore, Less than 10 cases from this tank wash run prior to the odyssey run were deemed viable, It is indicated that there was alot of fracturing and cold rolls in this wash. They had some really neat colors. Patriotic Frit, Dichroic type stuff. The examples from the regular ones can be seen here;



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This one in particular has to be one of the grails. So much so that they singled it out on the WVMCC site in the gallery/archives. I have one of the blue/yellow frit and the red/white/blue from the wash but this one has to be special and hidden away somewhere I hope.



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OK ! Here are 2 of my Jabos I think are special. I don’t know if the first one is attached to a HTF run. The second one is 7/8. I think it’s called a Blue Mountain. Any feedback on these 2 would be great 🔥






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