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Fistful Of Flames


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Richard picked up more than a dozen flame marbles at a recent auction. I don't know who made them, but they are beautiful. these are a few of my favorites.

This one was a total pain to photograph. Two dozen shots, and this is the best I could do. I LOVE it. Full of aventurine, and very small, a hair over 1/2".


This one is very busy any angle you look at.


Nice red flame.


And a pair of transparent flames.


Thanks for looking.


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Here's a group shot for Dustin.. Not all of these are showing their best flames They were quite uncooperative as far as which face to show. flames2.jpg

I rounded them up an a better surface, and the flametips are all showing nicely in this view..


Here's a close-up of that favorite blue-green fl;ame. A bit fuzzy, but I don't have a macro function on this camera.



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Yea!!! The flame game! Here's some of our other flames, Galen. still, you gotta love 'em.


:( Chris,did I mention the 2 pick-up loads of miscellaneous junk, the GMC Jimmy, and the van he had to pull home later? Is there such a thing as bi-polar hoarding disorder?? If there is, I think he's stuck on the high end of it. He gives me marbles hoping it will distract me while he unloads everything. Pretty slick trick, works every time. God. I'm so easy!


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Andrea, yours looks a lot crisper than mine, because the colors are solid where this one has transparent color. I should have maybe called it 'turquoise' or 'teal' instead of blue/green. The color isn't a blend, it's just the one color. Here's another view of it, (still fuzzy, tho, dangit,) from the other side. It has 2 sets of flame tips, one on each side. The base white is very slightly translucent, gives the marble an overall blueish-green tint. And all those little spots are aventurine. Probably Alley, but could be Champion, too.


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