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These are Peltier 1st and 2nd run marbles.

There are 2 views of each one. The top row

is the 1st run. The others are the 2nd run.

Now I have a question,are there other colors

available for each run? If so, I would love to

see them.


Thanks Terry

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2001...Boyce Lundstrom bought the Pelt Glass Company.

I THINK he re-assembled the Machine and got the Kiln

goin'. On 1-7-02....the MARBLES started to roll. Most have

White and Blue Filaments on Clear Baseglass. I have a SET.

2 Shooters and 20 5/8th marbles in a Blue Velvet Bag.

Included is a card with most of the info I mentioned above.

The RUN lasted a DAY.

* I think MY Shooters are FILLERS...One White and One Blue BANANA

CAT....no "Stringy Filaments....plus I bet the set had 25 of the small ones *

Second Run.......same thing. More variation like Terry and Kris

have. I'm not sure what YEAR those where made. Mig gave me

me some from the 2nd run. Kind as always....plus HE was there

during the Second Run.


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Very good answer Rick!!!!

I was hoping somebody would notice the post date

and the date of the first run! Can you believe the

first runs are 5 years old already? I do not know

the birthdate of the second runs. Does anybody

have that info?


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The earlier marbles were put in blue Peltier bags and given out to kids that came to the Ottawa marble show in 2002, to teach them a lesson in economics, like supply and demand and stuff. Each bag had precisely one handful of marbles in it. They were all about 5/8", no shooters.

The "second run" marbles were made in April 2002 in one night. I don't know the exact date. Some had just white vanes in clear, but most also had green and/or blue, and a few had red or yellow. Oh, and some white ones had a little amber. Boyce and I called them "Series Two", but a few of our advisors, Gino and Guy, suggested "Second Run".


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Shows my ignorance. I never even think of Peltier when I look at catseyes. Is this all the company makes now? Were the Novas all just one run?

hey andrea you should come back and read your threads more often :P

check out this page 6 on a thread you started last year for more detail on the peltier 2nd run marbles.

what the heck - i'll just copy it here:

The "Second Run" Peltier marbles were made without authorization in April of 2002, by Terry Zellers, the Peltier batch man. They were a single stream marble, made by throwing handfulls of "gems", marble sized globs of flattened glass, into a tank of clear glass. The resulting marbles were clear with strands of white,green,blue,red and/or yellow. The ones with red,yellow,and/or deep cobalt are the most scarce. The red was not compatible, and many of these have fractures. I believe there were about 5000 marbles total in the entire run, depending on how many buckets Terry snuck out the back. I may have been there during the run, but I can't say for sure, 'cause of the evil weed.

In 2004, due to my persistant nagging, I was permitted to make some special boxes with the remaining marbles. I made ten boxes of 28 marbles, and four investor-size boxes with 112 marbles, one unique blues-and-greens box for a cool guy I almost met once, plus the original prototype. Very few were sold, and the owner decided to keep the rest.

So, there you are.

mike b.

here's mike's picture:


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Hey, can I make a deal with Terry & Chris??

Terry, if you can use the board to host and Chris, if you can reduce that beast of Mike's (Mine are too small, yours are too big!!! ROFL)

I'll mark this for archive!!

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Whoa Kris!! You might wanna bring yours down a bit, too!!! LOL

It seems like an approx. good size for a group or object is between 400 to 600 pxl on the largest side...

A close up of a single marble is good at around 250.....

I didn't realize... Apparently, the photo space we use isn't based on "per post." It's charged to our ID accumulatively...

If you repeatedly post very large pictures, you will ultimately run out of space... Take it from......

"The Space Hog!!!"



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It's my camera that makes it too big. I have to take the time to figure out the resizing with putting my pics in a different program, instead of the one that came with the camera. The settings on the camera are on the smallest setting. REAllY! Galen, I will be calling you later.LOL!!


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If you are using Windows XP there is a great Power Toy tool that you can easily add to your machine to resize pictures. The tool is called "Image Resizer" and it makes resizing pictures very easy. Because you do not have to open up any other editing software, it makes quick work out of it! All that is done is, right click on the picture of choice, and select resize image. A small panel will pop up and you can pick a size or even set your own custom size for the picture, push apply and it makes a new smaller image and saves it right next to the original one. It is very handy, for me anyway, I love using it!

Just search XP Power Toys and you will find it...

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I have already downloaded the power tool image resizer, but it isn't recognized by the current photo program that came with the camera. Galen was kind enough to send me the site for the power tool and to help me to down load it as well. I need to start storing my pics in a different program... *My Pictures*, but I am having trouble downloading the pics from the camera from the card reader in the printer (HP Photo smart 3200 series) to *My Pictures*folder. I haven't had the time to *fool* with it and I am sloooow to learn these things as well. I will get there..eventually.


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Yes, I use a card reader on HP printer too! I like doing it that way.

When you place the card in the reader it should give you the option to pick what folder you want to place the pictures in.

Maybe have to change the one it automatically wants to put them in.

Another option, you could try! When you open up the camera software program, where your pictures are now, you could possible click on the picture and select copy then have your My Pictures folder open at the same time in the task bar, than click on the My Pictures folder and paste the copy of the picture you want into the My Pictures folder.

WoW!!! Ibluezngreenz, just saw the pictures...of those blue and greens. Those are some neato marbles...

It’s sure special when all the original marbs are still in the original box...

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