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White Banana With Aventurine


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It is next to impossible to get an image of this marble that shows that it has aventurine in the white banana. The marble has clear base glass and colors are distorted to try and get an image of the aventurine. Any suggestions on how to get a good image of this marble that also shows the aventurine will be considered.

Look toward the top side of the banana to see the aventurine. It is much more abundant than this shows, however.

The original image that was on the item on eBay could not show the aventurine either. I read about it in the description and trust the seller enough to bid on the marble.

Do any of you have one of these?


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I've had good luck getting adventurine to show by shooting in a darker area and letting the flash do the work. You have to zoom just the right amount for lots of flash, but, not "overexposed"/washed out. About 7" away with my camera. You might try standing it on a small flashlight like this too (just interior bubbles/no adventurine):


Of course, direct sunlight at noonish works good too.

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After working on getting better images of this marble = much thought and experimenting, indoors and outdoors, here is the best that I have been able to come up with.

Now remember that the banana is white. Look at the upper right of the banana and you will see some of it. It seems that my camera doesn't believe it either and doesn't want to get it the way it can be seen, "in hand" and with a light.


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I can see it in both pics Patry, but only because you said it was there! LOl Meaning that if I were just glancing through without reading the posts I wouldn't have noticed it. Nice, I'm heading to the backroom to check out my bananas now!

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Best shot I got of a White Cat.

2 side lights....the PenLight it's sitting on.

And CardBoard ( from a notepad ) placed about

6 inches behind the marble.

Best SHOT outta of about 25 or more shots.


I know this is about catch'n aventurine.

But that Red only showed up when shot

with the Set-Up I ended up using. If I moved

that marble just to the right or left...the RED

would just look like a "DARK SPOT"

Black Blackgound.......nope......Outside.......nope.

The Green Bananas with the aventurine DOWN

between " FINGERS "..........I gave up on those.

It's EASY to SEE........just gotta send a few to B.T.


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